About us

Who are we and what is our Blog all about ….!?


We are two mums  (Kelle & Eleanor)  from the South Coast. Both juggling life, motherhood with two girls (aged 2 & 8), running our own businesses, looking after our husbands, being a friend and on top of that, we are both obsessed with fitness, food and total coffee addicts!  So you may think why add a blog to your lives..?

Well, the thing is, writing a blog is an expression of things we love and are passionate about, somewhere to feel connected to others, sharing our experiences of motherhood from two different perspectives, hopefully inspiring others to share their experiences, while having a laugh along the way. We love the support from other mums and dads on Instagram and sometimes when you’re having a really shitty day, or something hilarious has happened, it’s just nice to be able to share those moments, knowing that someone else has been there and got the t-shirt, who can share their experiences with us and vice versa. We love seeing all these moments shared by other people and it’s just a great community to be a part of!

It will be something we can look back on in years to come, reminding us of our parenting journey, and all the laughing, crying, swearing and craziness along the way.

THIS IS ME … Eleanor…. AKA Mama 1 

I am married to my soulmate Sacha and have been married for over 11 years now. We have two daughters Darcie 2 and Ruby 8…

also two gorgeous step sons Sam 26 and Jake 21 ….shown below with their sisters.

My life journey began …I went to the Bournemouth Art Institute studied  a HND in Art, Design and Photography. Then after I decided to take a different route I completed a BA HONS in Business & Events Management. After graduating I moved to London and worked in the Marketing Team at Coke Cola…  2 years later  I decided I wanted to be back near the fresh sea  air and out of the smog so moved back to the south coast … this is where I met my husband and eventually had our 2 beautiful girls…!

Now 11 years later I run a successful Events & Conference Business with my father-in-law, lucky for me I can work anywhere with this job which is ideal especially having two young children.  I also have a bag business on the side where I create Personalized  bags – RubyZ Bags . This started off as a hobby but has now taken off as a business itself…not enough hours in the day!

But my passion and love is Interior Design and I have recently completed a Diploma in Interior Design. So I am sure you will see many of my blogs renovating and transforming things.



THIS IS ME …Kelle…. AKA mama 2

Introducing ‘The Downers’! Hi, I’m Kelle, my two daughters, Nancy (2) and Sophie (8) keep me very busy, as does the bearded one (Andy), and the crazy one ‘Tank’ our French Bulldog. I met Andy at the Captains Club back in 2012 when my aunt and Andy’s sister set us up on a blind date. Hilarious night! I’ll tell you about it some time. I lived in Windsor at the time with my eldest daughter and moved here (Southbourne) a few months later to be closer to my family. In the past five and a half years we’ve moved into our house, which we’ve renovated from top to bottom, struggled to get pregnant which eventually led to IVF treatment, got married and starting a business, which has all been amazingly stressful at times but worth it all the same. Now that all the messy work has finished on our house, I’m excited to put in all the finishing touches to make our house more of a home; before we decide to extend and start that process all over again! Haha!

As a family we love to be outdoors, playing in the garden, growing vegetables or cooking. We enjoy walking down to the beach or having picnics in the New Forest. The girls love dancing around while singing as loud as we can and just being absolute doughnuts. We love spending time with our family and having loads of BBQ’s and get-togethers at ours whenever we can! I don’t enjoy the clearing up afterwards though!

I started my own Virtual Assistant business in June last year. I’ve just graduated from Digital Mums gaining an accreditation for my Social Media Management skills which was a very challenging course to fit in with my family life and business but I’m so pleased I did it!  Life has been very challenging at times, juggling the girls, working, studying and making sure me and Andy still recognise each other! But it will all be worth it when I can get that work-life balance just right! I love fitness and eating healthy home-made meals, but when I started my business that all went out the window as I just didn’t have enough hours in the day! I’ve recently realised that it’s so important for me to make time for both of those things to ensure I can deal with the craziness that is my life, so I’ve just started (with Elle’s help) getting back into running, lifting and cooking healthier homemade meals.

Anyway, enough about me for now…. I’ve got to go and sort out ‘Tank’, who is currently trying to get on the trampoline with the girls…


Love Kelle & Eleanor xx