Parley Golf Centre Experience – Golf Virgins!

Parley Golf Centre Experience – Golf Virgins!


We were kindly invited to come along and visit the Parley Golf Club to look at their facilities and also try out some Golf.

The Parley Golf Club is situated in a lovely location by the River Stour and surrounded by beautifully manicured grounds.

We were met with the lovely bunch of Bournemouth Bloggers Emma, Louise and Ciara.

When we arrived we were greeted by Lyndsay the Marketing Manager for the club and offered a lovely bacon bap which you could not refuse and a glass of  Prosecco  …perfect start to the day!

We were all taken to the Driving Range where we were then introduced to Marcus, our coach for the day who would teach us some basic golf skills and techniques to start us off.

They have 27 floodlighted bays on the driving range, so a great place for people to practice.

We were all given our clubs and Marcus firstly demonstrated the position and stance, which is wide, stable and balanced. You are also required to tilt your hips not your waist.  Marcus made us practice how to stand and hold the club in the correct position before hitting out the balls in the driving range. You think its easy to just swing and hit a ball but actually, it is more technical than you think. After a few tips about where to place our hands, keeping the left arm straight etc we were off to a better start than we expected.

We were quite surprised how quickly we picked it up and we thoroughly enjoyed hitting out the balls as far as we could. The more we practiced our swings the more fun it was and we all got quite competitive haha!

We then got to use the Driver which looked a lot bigger but much lighter than the other iron clubs. We had a competition who could hit the ball the furthest of which Kelle won!!

After this, we were taken out to the beautiful grounds to have a go at some chipping. This was much harder than it looks, it’s more controlled since you are required to hit the ball only a few metres so again there were different techniques that Marcus demonstrated with regards to chipping the ball and changing our stance.

After this, we formed a circle and had a competition to see who could get the ball closest to the hole or actually in the hole before finishing off for the day.

We all had such a lovely afternoon at the Golf Centre and there is something quite therapeutic about being outside in the fresh air escaping from the craziness of day-to-day lives …taking it slow and hitting some balls.

The 9 Hole Golf Course operates on a Membership as well as a Pay and Play basis with no tee-time reservations. There is also a newly refurbished cafe bar which serves a selection of hot and cold foods and all the staff are very friendly and welcoming.

I would definitely recommend having some private tuition if you are a beginner since we learnt so many techniques in such a short space of time, which really helped us enjoy the experience and see our progression throughout the afternoon.

Both Kelle and myself will definitely try playing Golf again as we really enjoyed it and hopefully, we will come back to Parley Golf Club since is nearby ….with or without the husbands! (who were very jealous they didn’t get to play!)

Thank you to Parley Golf Club for inviting us down and special thanks to Marcus for his expert tips/advice! We had a fab time!



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