Decorating our unused fireplace on a budget

Decorating our unused fireplace on a budget

For ages, I’ve wanted to make lots of changes in our dining room that is the only room in the house that doesn’t feel like ‘home’ to me. Bit by bit we have plans to change a lot in the room. When we first moved in we opened the old fireplace as we were going to have two log burners; one in the living room and one in the dining room.

Since putting in a log burner in the lounge we decided we didn’t want another in the dining room and would decorate the old fireplace instead. For months it’s just been used as a dumping ground for all our shoes which was driving me insane… The below pic was the best it ever looked…. normally it was just a huge pile of shoes inside the fireplace and across the floor!!

We finally got round to starting the dining room after a hectic few years (we’ve had to renovate the house from floorboards up, in every room, since we moved in back in 2014)

Andy is awesome at DIY and I couldn’t wait for him to get started……

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Andy boarded out the inside, finishing the outside with a nice neat frame, painted, filled and sealed the edges to make it all look neat and tidy!








We then brought a stencil from Amazon to give it a slightly different, more vintage, shabby chic look

I’m so pleased with how it’s turned out! It looks so much nicer in there now and even though this gorgeous basket is full of shoes at least they aren’t all across my dining room floor! Result!!

The lantern from The Range

Basket from Wayfair

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