Fitness has been very much in both our lives and its now become a hobby & passion as well as combining our love of nutrition.

Since having two children and probably allowing ourselves a few too many sweet treats we are both determined to get our bodies back in good shape and in the best shape, we can!

We train two days a week in the gym and tend to devise a full body workout plan using our collated exercise workout board on PINTEREST. This is an excellent source when it comes to searching for Fitness routines to mix it up.  We usually combine a little cardio and then a 40-minute weights session. We also make sure we walk as much as possible during our busy weekdays and stay active with the kids at the weekend.

Although we are not professionally trained personal trainers nor qualified nutritionists we have gained lots of knowledge from sources and professionals over the years on what workouts work well for our bodies and what we should and shouldn’t be eating if we want to be at our best. Lucky for us we are both being trained by the excellent fully qualified PT Kymafitness.

We both believe in being consistent with both workouts and healthy eating gets good results but we also believe in balance and enjoying life, having a drink and allowing ourselves to eat and drink more of what we want to at the weekend keeps us on the ball during the week. We are both in a ‘happy place’ with our bodies and all that we’ve achieved so far;  mainly giving us both two beautiful children but we are still in working progress to our fitness goals! 🙂

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