Mama’s Training Workouts Combining Biomechanics

Mama’s Training Workouts Combining Biomechanics

Since both us Mama’s work from home, the gym has become our ‘ Me time …sanctuary’  time away from the kids and our homes and best of all a place to grab a coffee after!  Here is a workout series implementing our biomechanics exercises we were taught by the London based Peach Trainers.

Interval Training

If by choice we would much rather run outside in the fresh air we don’t really have much luck with sunshine or warm weather in the UK so we are mainly contained in the Gym.

We always start with the running machine since this machine is a great exercise tool for interval training or HIIT (high-intensity interval training), and a quick way to burn calories.  We start off with a 5 min walk then a 20-30 min interval training session, by the end of this we tend to be the bright coloured tomato looking ladies!

Body Weight & Biomechanics Workout

Since our training session with Tim from Peach we now try and implement all the exercises he gave us into our routine.

Here is an exercise which is a killer on the glutes and the legs. You can use any type of weight i.e kettlebell, hand weight or even no weight and squat down as far as you can go holding the weight, leaning over to your left shoulder, Then pulse up and down 10 times. Repeat leaning over to the right side 10 times.

Another good technique is to lunge as low as you can, stretch the leg at the back out as far as you can, then raise your arms over your right side. Then again pulse your legs up and down… this position feels awkward but boy you can feel the burn in your glutes if you concentrate on putting your weight into the heel of your front foot.  Pulse 10 x times up and down (only small movements) then repeat leaning over to the right side.

This is a great stability & core exercise. You need to focus on a point in front of you so you don’t wobble, lift your leg backward as straight out as you can, then lower your opposite arm/hand down to the floor on your opposite leg. Hold this down for 30 seconds then repeat on the other side.

This is a full squat lowering to the floor ….. Total Leg and Glute killer! Rise up and down 20 times.

The killer Ab Crunch! Start with sitting up straight then slowly lower your spine to the floor as far down as you can go without touching the floor, slowly with your chin tucked into your chest… once you reach your biting point (just before you are about to lost control and fall to the floor) – stabilize your core and hold for 30 seconds … each time you do this it will get easier!

Full Russain Twist – yes this an exercise most people do, but rather than swinging your body left and right when you reach to the left, squeeze down to the size, hold and tense for 20 seconds then repeat to the other side – this is a killer on those obliques!


Here a just a few exercises we have added and over the next few weeks, we will be adding to these. After Easter, we will be starting THE SUMMER SHRED!! Wish us luck, and a lot of willpower!!

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