Mumpreneur On Fire 3

Mumpreneur On Fire 3

I’m absolutely lovin’ reading other real-mums inspirational stories in the Mumpreneur On Fire 3 Book! I have to be honest, it’s taken me three weeks just to read three stories but when you juggling life, kids, a business and a home, trying to stay fit and healthy and in the process of moving home it’s a pretty manic time that doesn’t leave much room for just sitting and reading (although I’m trying my best to squeeze it in!)


As a mum running a business myself, it’s so fascinating reading about how much has been thrown at other women during their time as mums and business owners, yet they still strive to keep going, learn more, do more and create something amazing no matter how hard the journey has been! I’m absolutely blown away by the stories I’ve read so far and especially Charlotte’s @iamcharlotterogerson !! Thank you all so much for sharing.


I’ve been feeling pretty low lately, thinking I was failing as a mum, wife, business owner, pretty much at everything in general really. Mainly because I never seem to have enough time in the day to get everything done, BUT, this book has made me realise I need to stop procrastinating, worrying and wasting time on thinking I’m not good enough or don’t know enough, and using that time more effectively to get focused, stop comparing myself to others and their journeys and do what I need to do and get shit done. I also need to be more confident that I can make this work and I’m good at what I do. I think this book has made me realise the juggle is always going to be tough but you are creating this life to work flexibly around your family, doing something you love! Working for someone else, building their dreams instead of yours, is just as stressful, yet far less rewarding! Thank you to all the ladies in this awesome book for sharing their motivational stories and making me realise I just need to keep going and not feel so much mum guilt all the time!




If you are a mum running a business around your family I highly recommend reading this book full of real-life mums and their achievements. It’s made me feel empowered, inspired and ready to get on and make it work! Let’s do this!!

Thank you for reading 🙂



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