Quick and Easy Healthy Recipe Ideas

So, this page is dedicated to our LOVE of food and to give parents some simple and quick ideas for healthy breakfasts, lunch, and dinners..!

Don’t have time to cook much in the morning Mums & Dads? Simple, try this with a simple smoothie protein shake and a piece of fruit.

This is my favourite ‘Super Green Smoothie’ which looks a bit like this…

I know it doesn’t look particularly nice… but it really is!



1 x banana

handful of spinach

1 scoop of your favourite protein (mine is TIME 4 whey protein) 

4 ice cubes 

and half a pint of water

a drizzle of honey (optional) 


Try making this for your kids too, my daughters LOVE it… and it’s a great way to get some fruit and veg down them too!


Eggs make a great breakfast and are so versatile. On the weekend, if we have time to actually sit down and eat breakfast together, both our families LOVE the layered pancakes…


Homemade pancakes

Filled with scrambled eggs & sliced avocado, lots of black pepper and a sprinkle of salt.


Lunch Ideas….

Poached Egg on wholemeal pitta with low-fat cheese and smoked Salmon OR add some spinach/olives and jalapenos to give it an extra kick!




Absolutely love these.. bought from Aldi… Beetroot  & Sweet Potato Burgers


If mid-afternoon your energy levels slump, then this simple snack is a great way to fill a gap until dinner time.

Rice Cake – Wholenut Peanut Butter…

My kids love it too…


Why not try our homemade sweet potato pizza base recipe…

Dinner times can always be tricky. When you’ve been working all day or you have to cook two lots of dinner – one for you and one for the kids, before you know it, you’ve whacked a pizza in the oven only to feel guilty later on.

Take the time to prep and shop for some red meat or fish. Load up your plate with lots of green veg for a healthy, balanced meal that you can share with the kids!

Over the next few months, we will be trialling out the ‘food boxes’  to give our reviews and to see what all the fuss is about… comparing if they are good value for money, how simple the recipes are to make and how delicious they are, or aren’t….!

Thanks for reading our blog 🙂

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    Just discovered your blog! Loving it Kelle xxxxx☺️👍👌

    • June 26, 2018 / 9:52 am

      Thank you Lisa!! So pleased you like it 🙂 xxx

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