Training Session with Peach

Training Session with Peach

Both of us have been into fitness and eating healthy for as long as we can remember. We try and squeeze in being active as much as we can, whether it’s going to the gym, walking, running (mainly after the kids), or taking up challenges such as Tough Mudder which we both tried for the first time last year! So when asked if we would try out a PT session with Tim Hayes from ‘Get Peach Fit‘ (an expert in the fitness world) we were delighted!

So, who is Peach?  Peach is the new standard in personal training. Grounded in the principles of cutting-edge biomechanics and neural psychology they help pro athletes recover from injury, celebrities get ready for the red carpet and give time-poor Londoners a fitness solution they have never experienced before. They guide your body and mind through a new standard

The Training Session 

Before we begun the training session with Tim he wanted to know a little bit about our lives….explaining the fact we are both busy mums, running our own businesses, looking after our kids, running our homes, school runs and everything else that comes with being a parent. There is often precious little time for us and most other mums out there to find the time to sweat! So when we do manage to fit an hour slot here and there we want to make the most of the time we have.

Gorgeous personalised bottle from Alor – Thank you Samantha & Peach!

To start with Tim made us both stand in a line, barefooted and asked us to do a basic squat and lunge movement so that he could identify how each of our bodies moved. We found that we actually both moved very differently so once he identified our different body structures he asked us to do the same movement but implemented functional training.  This entailed of doing a basic lunge, but really pushing one leg back stretching it out behind us and adjusting the front foot slightly, concentrating on putting our weight into the front heel, raising our arms and leaning over the opposite way to our feet while keeping our balance…. it might sound easy but it wasn’t, it felt very abnormal and boy did you feel the burn. Again with the squat, we were made to move our hips further back and keep our torso upright  …then squat right to the floor, trying this with our feet in varies positions but always keeping out hips facing forwards… this was a killer!

It’s apparent that as people we tend to live a lifestyle using the same muscles day in day out, as for us mums we definitely both spend a lot of time at the computer, or cleaning, and a lot of time picking up our two-year-olds.  Tim acknowledged that these are common movements for us mums so he suggested various ways of how we could modify these common movements in a way that we could again challenge our bodies rather than use the same isolated muscles we use every day. For example, having regular breaks from the computer in order to just move and not sit in a constant crunched up position. The next time we pick up our two years olds we will try to implement a full deep squat which I’m sure is going to appear hilarious to any onlookers!

Tim also spoke to us about having realistic goals, I found this refreshing to hear someone actually being honest about what you can and can’t achieve depending on what lifestyle you have. Rather than constantly training to aim for something that is completely out of reach if you don’t want to give up certain things like alcohol and chocolate, then getting annoyed that you don’t look a certain way, feeling like you are failing with your exercise and giving up time and time again due to the unrealistic goals you have set yourself. This is definitely something I need to work on!

We really enjoyed our session and it has made us both really think and evaluate our current common movements in our everyday training and look at other ways we can deliver variations of movements, as well as what we really want to get from our fitness and healthy lifestyle – we are both looking forward to feeling better about our overall goals in future.

Since doing this session we have implemented the new movements into our exercise routine and more realistically into our everyday lives and we will keep you updated on our results……FINGER CROSSED and watch this space!

Peach is currently offering a free consultation to anyone that signs up this month (April 2018)

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Special thanks to Urban Health and Fitness in Christchurch for letting us use their space for our session!! Urban has a new class timetable starting in April!


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