Working Mum from Home….. Renovating the Garden Shed to my Home Office

I work from home running an Events Business which I love!  People do say to me how lucky I am to work from home and YES it does have its benefits such as fewer distractions ONLY WHEN the kids are at school/ nursery and husbands at work.  Also no travel costs!

The majority of the time when I am at home working I tend to base myself on my dining room table on my Laptop since we don’t have a spare room for an office, which is not ideal. The workspace usually has the kids leftover breakfasts splatted on the tablecloth or general tit tat surrounding me.  So my recent project and ideal solution were to convert the junk-filled wasted space shed to my Garden Office all in 1 day !

Here is the lovely shed……

PLANNING……..The first thing I needed to take into account was if it was watertight which yes it was and if I could get power supply into my shed? Since we already had a power supply for our decking lights outside it was just a case of connecting this and fitting a double socket into the shed which of course my husband did.

To have a working office all year round, you will need to insulate the shed so that you do not become frozen to your desk.  here is a handy guide that shows an easy way to insulate your shed! We will be doing this over the next few months but since we are coming into summer theres no rush ….fingerscrossed for good weather 🙂

The next thing required was finding a place to store all the items that were originally in the shed mainly paints, kids toys, and bikes .. allot of stuff went to charity shops and for the bicycles, I searched on Pinterest to find bike storage solutions and found these great wall brackets from Amazon for £10.98 each.  So since we have a carport I  placed these on the wall in here giving us still the floor space.

Once all this was done I had a nice empty shell (nearly) to work with and to of course fill with furniture, storage, and lovely accessories!

So the next step was my favorite part searching for Furniture and a desk being my main priority.  I searched online for a desk and found a great trestle desk from Ikea which was easy to build and fitted in really nicely!

I also found some great accessories shown below all from TK Max and a lovely mirror from Aldi £7 !!!! Bargain!

Rather than buying a new chair, I used one of my dining room tulip chairs which fit nicely under the desk.


and ………..Here is the end result!! Shed to Office in one day!!


Any questions or tips please feel free to message me.


Elle x

Eleanor Ring

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